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FSBL Crowns High School Boys Division Champions
Boys 9th & 10th Grade Champions: Warriors

Boys 11th & 12th Grade Champions:  Heat

by posted 02/19/2017
FSBL Practice Schedule for Week of Feb. 20th

FSBL Weeknight Practice Schedule

2016 - 2017

*If you have a GMail account, you can request to have this "real time" practice schedule shared with you.  This feature is especially helpful to Head Coaches.  Please send your GMail email address to Aubre Jones at webadmin@fsbl.org.  Once approved, you would go into your GMail email, go to the Google Drive, and view the documents "shared with me" to properly view the schedule.  Coaches do no have the ability to add practices to the schedule.  All additional practices must be put on the spreadsheet by the league scheduler.  There are tabs on the bottom of the document to view each week throughout the season. 

Google email is free!

*or view the PDF for practices that may not have been updated below!

Due to school being closed for the Presidents Day holiday and other blackouts at schools the week of February 20th, many practices have been moved to alternate locations.  Please check where your practice has been moved.


Click here for Practices scheduled for the week of Feb. 20 - 24

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FSBL Finds Heady Players in HS Playoffs

by Master Admin posted 02/12/2017
If the other team can't score .... you can't lose!

by FSBL News posted 01/23/2017
FSBL Rule 6 to be Enforced Throughout the Season

Leave Your Basketball
@ Home on Game Days!

Parents, Coaches, and (most importantly) Players:

The LCPR Facility Attendents, the FSBL Board Members, and the Coaches in the league will enforce the following rules:

6f.  On game day
NO basketballs are allowed in the gym other than those in the coach’s possession.  Translation:  Players should not bring their personal basketball to the gym!  (unauthorized basketballs will be confiscated and will not be returned that day) 
6g.  Shooting at any of the baskets in the gyms or dribbling on the court (which includes the out of bounds area around the court) is not permitted by any individual(s) not playing in the current game during any stoppage of play. This (ibnlt) time-outs, half-time intermissions, end of each quarter and between games.

Please help us by letting all players know these rules that will prevent khaos from taking place during every time out and between all games!

Emmanuel Mensah

FSBL Rules Coordinator

by posted 12/01/2016
FSBL Code of Conduct Agreement

The FSBL Code of Conduct Agreement will pertain to all Players, Coaches, Spectators, Parents & Guardians.  The intent of this Code of Conduct Agreement is to promote sportsmanship and respect for other people and property.  The FSBL Board of Directors, Game Officials, and Loudoun County Parks & Recreation Facility Attendants have the authority to remove an individual from an FSBL playing facility.  Individuals ejected from a playing facility due to violations of the FSBL Code of Conduct Agreement are subject to a minimum of seven (7) days suspension and possible year-long expulsion from FSBL activities.  The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Department will also be notified of any extreme incidents. 
1. Good sportsmanship is expected and required from all Coaches, Players and Spectators at all FSBL games.
2. Foul language and/or profanity is strictly prohibited during FSBL activities.
3. Yelling at Referees, Coaches or Players is not acceptable and will lead to ejection from the facility.
4. Interference with the game by a parent, guardian, or spectator  is not acceptable.
5. Vandalism of property at any FSBL facility is grounds for immediate expulsion from the league.
6. Players have an obligation to their team and are expected to attend all practices and games.  Players missing three (3) or more practices or games without an excused absence may be released from that team for the remainder of the season.  Definitions for excused absences can be found on the FSBL website.
7. Intending to cause harm and / or causing harm to Players, Coaches, Referees or FSBL Board of Directors (including verbal threats) is grounds for immediate expulsion from the league.  Confronting coaches, referees or FSBL Board of Directors in a hostile manner either before, during or after a game will lead to immediate expulsion from the FSBL.
8. Children participate in the FSBL to improve their basketball ability and to have FUN!  The league is for the kids and not for the adults.
9. I will insist that my child treat other players, coaches, & officials with respect regardless of race, creed, color, sex or ability.
10. I will demand a sports environment that is free from drugs, tobacco and alcohol and will refrain from their use at all FSBL events.

by posted 11/28/2016
The FSBL Factor


all black shorts = an essential component of a proper uniform!

posted 11/14/2016
What the Well-Dressed FSBL Player Wears!

FSBL Uniformity!

All players must be appropriately dressed to play in each game.  Each player must wear the league issued jersey.  One of the uniform requirements is that each player wear solid black shorts with NO horizontal or vertical stripes, NO words or markings unless the entire team wears the exact same design shorts.  We're seriously talking solid black!  A small, thumbnail-sized, branding logo such as a Nike “swoosh” is permissible.   A team may choose to wear team-logo shorts or other design shorts that match the Jersey as long as everyone on the team wears the same style, design and color shorts.

Players who show up to play without solid black
shorts will not be permitted to play in the game (unless their team has decided to go with an entirely different color of shorts)!  Before leaving home to come to the gym, make sure that your son or daughter is properly dressed.  One of our FSBL sponsors, Cheers Sports, carries all-black shorts.

FSBL has received some questions regarding the wearing of shorts with pockets. FSBL players must wear plain solid black shorts ​with no other colors or designs. The preference is that these shorts have no ​pockets. Players who wear shorts with pockets are required to keep the pockets empty while participating in games. If items are discovered in the pockets during the game, the player will be removed for the remainder of the​ game. Repeated violations will lead to further discipline.​

Players on a team may wear undershirts.  The undershirt should match a color in the jersey or must be white tee shirts.  All players wearing undershirts on a team must wear the same color undershirt.  Players are not required to wear an undershirt under the jersey.  No jewelry, wrist bracelets, watches, necklaces or earrings may be worn by players at all during the game.  Finally, if a player wears eyeglasses - they must wear "rec specs" or a similar product - to play in games.  Regular metal framed glasses are no longer permitted in games.

by posted 11/11/2016
FSBL Rules Refresher for All Players & Coaches

The following rules should be shared with the game officials in the pre-game conference. The referees won't enforce these rules if you don't explain them in your pre-game conference. These rules are FSBL-specific.

Back Court Pressure & Defense

a.  Coaches may choose to teach the skills associated with either person to person (PTP) defense or zone defense as stipulated in the rules.  FSBL urges coaches and their teams to use both PTP and zone defense during the season. 
b.  Back court pressure is allowed as follows:
Girls C, Boys 3rd & Boys 4th
Rule is the same for the entire season

No back court pressure is allowed ….. except for in the last minute of the second (2nd), fourth (4th) & OT quarters.  Defense must remain at the top of the key extended until the offense crosses the half court line.

Player-To-Player (man-to-man) defense only.  Zone defenses are not permitted in our youngest divisions.

A defensive player who is not guarding the player with the ball must remain outside the box (3 second lane) unless the offensive player which they are guarding is inside the box or within a yardstick from the box.  Any Player on the court may pursue a “loose ball” - however once possession is established all players must return to the player they are guarding.  Help defense allowed “in the box only”.  Trapping is not allowed

Playing a Zone Defense will result in a warning for the first (1st) offense and a technical foul for each succeeding offense.
Girls B, Boys 5 & Boys 6

Before the First (1st) game in January  No back court pressure is allowed  ….. except for in the last minute of the second (2nd), fourth (4th) & OT quarters. 
No zone defense are permitted

Beginning with the First (1st) game in January
No backcourt pressure is allowed in the first (1st) half of the game except in the last minute of the second (2nd) quarter.  Choice of pressure in the second (2nd) half of the game and OT periods.

Player-To-Player defense in the first (1st) half of the game.  A defensive player who is not guarding the player with the ball must remain outside the box (3 second lane) unless the offensive player which they are guarding is inside the box or within a yardstick from the box.  Any Player on the court may pursue a “loose ball” however, if playing PTP defense, once possession is established all players must return to the player they are guarding.

Playing a Zone Defense in the first half of the game will result in a warning for the first (1st) offense and a technical foul for each succeeding offense.

Choice of defense in the second (2nd) half of the game
To further clarify rules 24.b.1 and 24.b.2 for the Girls C, Girls B, Boys 3, 4, 5 & 6 Divisions:

If I am guarding a player who is stationed on the sideline twenty (20) feet from the basket, I just need to be “Outside the Lane” and "On the same side of the Court” as the player I am guarding.  I do not have to be closely guarding my player (especially when they are away from the basket and not a threat to score). If my defensive player is away from the lane and I have one (1) foot or both feet in the lane - playing a pseudo one (1) man zone defense - that is illegal!

The referees will issue a warning to the team violating this rule the first time. The referees will issue technical fouls for each subsequent violation of this rule.

If you run a spread offense then the defense may look like it is in a zone defense but in this case it is legal as long as no one is in the lane if the player they are guarding is out on the wing.  However, If I am guarding my player and the offensive player I am guarding is in the lane or just outside the lane them I can be in the lane.

If four (4) offensive players are on one side of the court, the defensive players guarding these players must be on the same side of the court outside the lane (if their man is away from the lane).

Finally, once an opposing player has beaten their player on a drive to the basket, the defense can then “help” stop the offensive player “in the lane”.  They may not help outside the lane as that would be defined as double teaming or trapping.  It is legal for players to switch on defense.

Girls A, Boys 7th & Boys 8th

Before the First (1st) game in January.
No back court pressure is allowed ….. except for in the last minute of the second (2nd), fourth (4th) & OT quarters.
Choice of defense for the entire game

Beginning with the First (1st) game in January
Choice of pressure for the entire game.
Choice of defense for the entire game.
High School

Choice of pressure for the entire game.
Choice of defense for the entire game.

(Loose balls are defined as a rebound, lost dribble or bad pass)
c.  No house league team (3rd - 8th grade) can back court press if they have a lead of twelve (12) points or more.  High School teams can not back court press if they have a lead of sixteen (16) points or more.

by posted 11/04/2016
Inclement Weather? Call the LCPR Sports Cancellation Hotline
On inclement weather days, please call the Loudoun County Parks & Recreation Sports Cancelation Hotline:
to verify that the schools are open prior to heading out for your practice or games.  We will attempt to post a message on the FSBL website and send out a broadcast email to parents when we are made aware of any closings.  There is often a delay between when the county closes the schools and when we can post it on the FSBL website.

posted 10/31/2016
What are Concussions?

posted 08/01/2016

Upcoming Games
Youth Sports 101

Your child's success or lack of success in sports does not indicate what kind of parent you are.

But having an athlete who is coachable, respectful, a great teammate, mentally tough, resilient and tries their best IS a direct reflection of your parenting.

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Do You Love Basketball?

FSBL Athletes in Action!
Something to think about while watching your son or daughter play in FSBL games this season:

1.  These are kids.

2.  Basketball is a

3.  Parents should
      cheer for

4.  The referees are
      human and some
      times make

5.  Your child is not a
      athlete playing
      for a million
      dollars ..... yet!

If you disagree with these statements, please contact FSBL Commissioner, Craig Newman:
  commish@fsbl.orgHe'd be happy to explain them to you!
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FSBL Rule 7.c

Parents are required to notify the FSBL Board Of Directors, within forty-eight (48) hours, when their child is suspended or expelled from school. If the BOD is not notified within forty-eight (48) hours of any such suspension/expulsion then upon discovery the child will be expelled from FSBL immediately for the remainder of the current season and the entire next season. 

Wear RecSpecs!
If your son or daughter wears regular eye glasses to see like those pictured below, they are not permitted to be worn in practices or games in the FSBL. Before the season begins, please have your player fitted for a pair of RecSpecs or another brand of prescription sport goggles.

Is Winning Everything?
"Losing is a learning experience. It teaches you humility. It teaches you to work harder. It's also a powerful motivator."

-- Yogi Berra