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FSBL Registration Is Now Open

Player registration is now open for the Farmwell Station Basketball League's 2015 - 2016 winter season.  Players from all Loudoun County schools are welcome to play in the FSBL House League.  Late registration kicks in for the House League (with a $50 late fee) at 12:01am on Monday, September 28th and ends at 11:59pm on Monday, October 12th.  The High School Division registration will remain open until November 22nd with no late fees.  The FSBL is also seeking new Head Coaches & Assistant Coaches in all divisions.

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Is Your Son or Daughter Looking for Train With a Pro?

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Lack of Sports Integrity

Last week, two players on the same team got into a disagreement that resulted in one player hitting the other player in the mouth and breaking his jaw. The players involved were Geno Smith and Ikemefuna Ekemkpali. It is quite possible that Geno Smith may never play football again. 

The argument was over $600. That’s right ......$600 .....not $6,000 .....or $60,000 ..... but just $600. People who made millions of dollars need not argue over a measly $600. Even if Ekemkpali was not making millions he was making hundreds of thousands of dollars.

One again professional sports provides an example of lack of   V.I.C.E 

(values, integrity, character, & ethics)

This is my opinion on the issue

Sports figures are of the notion that they can get away with violence. They seldom risk anything since retribution is either insignificant or non-existent. This poor example of improper behavior is presented to our youth almost every day.

When is it okay for one person to hit another???

Only in the act of defending yourself from someone who is inflicting violence upon you.

It is never acceptable to initiate violence.

This story made the news for several days. The first day most people were appalled that one player would hurt another player in that manner. By day two, people began to say it was Geno’s fault. By the third day, people did not even care about the issue any more. As a society have we become so desensitized to violence that it does not mean anything anymore  .. of course unless it happens to you personally. 

Ekemkpali was not defending himself when he hit Smith. He was being a big bully. This is a man who has a history of being violent (he punched out a policeman). He uses his size and temper to intimidate people. If you do not succumb to his brute size and strength then he resorts to violence to get his way.

He claims that Geno was waving a finger in his face. Since when is waving a finger in someone’s face sufficient provocation to justify breaking a person’s jaw. He should be in jail. Instead less than 24 hours after breaking Geno’s jaw he was picked up by another team. I was appalled by the insensitive actions by the Buffalo Bills, appalled not surprised. Not too surprised when you  take into consideration who their coach is. I personally hope the Buffalo Bills go 0-16, it is exactly what they deserve.

This person should have never played another down in football ever. Instead he was rewarded for his violent behavior and almost made into a star. Just when I think the sports world cannot stoop any lower they prove me wrong again. The league seems to be much more concerned about under inflated footballs than a player who inflicts off the field violence on another player.

I was again appalled, not surprised, at the number of sports writers who have suggested that Geno brought this upon himself. That Smith should have known better then to get into an argument with Ekemkpali especially given his past history. Have these people lost their minds? Are they suggesting that you should back down from someone if they are bigger than you???  That is exactly what big brutes like Ekemkpali are relying on.

If I were Geno I would have filed charges against this guy and he would be in jail. Once the criminal trial was over I would proceed with a huge civil action. I have no idea how much money he has but by the time I was finished with him he would have a whole lot less.

I cannot believe that any responsible human being could condone this type of behavior.

Let me conclude with a thought provoking question that will help you determine your V.I.C.E level.

If you condone this type of behavior then what you are saying is that if your child were confronted by a bigger child who had a history of beating up other kids and that if your child waved a finger in the face of the bigger child that it would perfectly okay for the bigger child to break your child’s jaw and you would blame your child for such action???

Is that truly what you believe???          

You have to believe that if you condone this type of behavior in any way shape or form.

Well …… what is your V.I.C.E level???

by posted 08/26/2015
FSBL Update: We are Looking for Great Coaches!
The Farmwell Station Basketball League relies on approximately 180 parents and young adults who volunteer their time each year to coach our Ashburn youth players!  We have approximately 800 players who will register for the league this season.  We are now actively recruiting Coaches to work with the players in the league this season.  Registration is now open on our website for all Coaching applicants.  All of our coaches (both Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches) go through a background check performed by the National Center for Safety Initiatives.

If you know any friends in Ashburn who might like to coach a basketball team this winter, have them sign up to coach.  Father / Son Coaching tandems are definitely welcome.  You don't have to have a player in the league to coach a team.  We will need coaches for both the boys and girls divisions. 

If you have a good knowledge of basketball, but you've never coached, now is the time to give it a try by coaching in our House Leagues.  All great coaches started somewhere!  The FSBL provides 5 different Coach's Training days in October and November where our clinicians will provide you with drills you can use on the courts. 

Please step up and Coach this season!

Win or lose, all the kids who play in the league win when we have good coaches on the sidelines working with our players.  Player registration for the 2015 - 16 season begins on August 1st!

by posted 07/23/2015
Join the FSBL Board of Directors

The FSBL Needs Your Help!

We are preparing for the 2015 - 2016 Farmwell Station Basketball League season.  The league is now looking for parents to serve on the FSBL Board of Directors for next season.  If you are interested in being on the Board (and you are willing to put in 75 - 150 volunteer hours in the next 12 months helping to lead Ashburn's first - and finest - youth basketball league), please contact Aubre Jones:   We are looking to fill the positions of Secretary / Treasurer, Boys Deputy Commissioner, and Girls Deputy Commissioner.  Bi-monthly planning meetings have already begun.

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Crown Trophy has Moved


Proud sponsor and partner in youth sports with FSBL

has moved to a brand new location at:

Crown Trophy of Ashburn

44710 Cape Court, Suite 110

Ashburn, Virginia  20147

Stop by and say "Hi" to Curtis and Freda

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What are Concussions?

posted 08/16/2014

Youth Sports 101

Your child's success or lack of success in sports does not indicate what kind of parent you are.

But having an athlete who is coachable, respectful, a great teammate, mentally tough, resilient and tries their best IS a direct reflection of your parenting.

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Something to think about while watching your son or daughter play in FSBL games this season:

1.  These are kids.

2.  Basketball is a

3.  Parents should
      cheer for

4.  The referees are
      human and some
      times make

5.  Your child is not a
      athlete playing
      for a million
      dollars ..... yet!

If you disagree with these statements, please contact FSBL Commissioner, Craig Newman:
  commish@fsbl.orgHe'd be happy to explain them to you!
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FSBL Rule 7.c

Parents are required to notify the FSBL Board Of Directors, within forty-eight (48) hours, when their child is suspended or expelled from school. If the BOD is not notified within forty-eight (48) hours of any such suspension/expulsion then upon discovery the child will be expelled from FSBL immediately for the remainder of the current season and the entire next season. 

Wear RecSpecs!
If your son or daughter wears regular eye glasses to see like those pictured below, they are not permitted to be worn in practices or games in the FSBL. Before the season begins, please have your player fitted for a pair of RecSpecs or another brand of prescription sport goggles.

Is Winning Everything?
"Losing is a learning experience. It teaches you humility. It teaches you to work harder. It's also a powerful motivator."

-- Yogi Berra