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Coach Registration for the 2014 - 2015 season will begin on August 1, 2014.
FSBL Saturday Morning Blacktop Basketball with a Twist
by posted 08/01/2014

FSBL Coaches Mack Butts, Michael Payne and Andre Patterson instruct some of the young men during our 2nd week of "Blacktop Basketball with a Twist" on Saturday, July 19th. ​


Coaches registration for the FSBL is now open.  Player registration for the Farmwell Station Basketball League's winter basketball season will open on September 1st, but it's not too early to work on your basketball skills and to play some ball during the dog days of summer.

Last summer, a few of our FSBL Coaches (led by Darnerien McCants, Daniel Webb, Michael Payne, and Mack Butts) took the lead on establishing a "Blacktop Basketball" program for players in middle school (6th - 8th grade).  Many of our players who took part in this FREE Saturday morning of playing pickup basketball (supervised scrimmages) with skill development instruction mixed in loved it!  Many parents dropped their players off at the court and then came to retrieve them 2 hours later.   The FSBL launched this year’s version of "Blacktop Basketball" on Saturday, July 12th with a slight twist:  The FSBL has arranged to conduct the program at Eagle Ridge Middle School (42901 Waxpool Road, Ashburn, VA  20148).  We will be using both the indoor courts and the outdoor courts at the school this summer.  Players will play on both the blacktop and the hardwood during the two hour sessions.  FSBL travel team players are also welcome to attend.

Join other FSBL players (both house league and travel) who are entering the 6th, 7th or 8th grade (we are also accepting 3rd - 5th grade girls) at Eagle Ridge Middle School on Saturday mornings.  We averaged 45 young men and 13 young ladies attend our first three sessions on July 12th, July 19th, & July 26th.  Players should bring their own basketball (if they have one) for some of the skills instruction that will take place.

The boys sessions run from 8:00am - 10:00am. 

The girls sessions run from 10:00am - noon. 

Some of our current FSBL Coaches will be there to supervise the program.  This program is open to all boys who will be attending middle school this fall.  This program is open to all girls who will be attending 3rd - 8th grade who might want to play in the league this fall.

"Blacktop Basketball with a Twist"

the FSBL-sponsored 6-week program, will end on August 16th.  Players participate at their own risk and parents must return to Eagle Ridge to pick up their child at the end of their time block.

FSBL Blacktop Basketball with a Twist program is only open to middle school boys and 3rd - 8th grade girls!  Please do not bring your child to Eagle Ridge if they are are entering high school this fall.

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Join the FSBL Board of Directors
posted 07/15/2014
The FSBL Needs YOU!
Player registration will take place for the FSBL on September 1st.  We're looking for a little help from some of our parents.  The FSBL is operated by parents, under the direction of a Board of Directors (league organizers).  The Board is always looking for "new blood" to keep the league moving in the right direction.  As we now start our 20th year in Ashburn, we are now actively recruiting individuals who will help guide the FSBL for the next 2 years.  If you love basketball, and want to help the FSBL continue to be a fantastic youth league for our kids, we want you to consider joining the Board of Directors.  Many of our positions require about 100 - 150 hours of volunteer service time from September 1st through mid-March.  Our biggest "crunch time" occurs from the end of September through the end of October as we conduct travel team tryouts, house league evaluations, and team player drafts for the 700 boys and girls who comprise the Farmwell Station Basketball League.  Please contact Aubre Jones, acting Boys Deputy Commissioner @ if you are interested in the positions of Boys Deputy Commissioner or Secretary / Treasurer.  You don't have to have a child still playing in the league to be on the Board.

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FSBL Registration Information
posted 04/17/2014

Registration will open for the Farmwell Station Basketball League's 2014 - 2015 season on September 1, 2014.  This year, the FSBL will not be accepting personal checks.  All registrations should be made online using debit or credit card payments.  Players from all Loudoun County schools are welcome to play in the FSBL House League.  The FSBL will also be seeking Head Coaches in all divisions.

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FSBL Champions
posted 03/09/2014
Congratulations to the
2013 - 2014
FSBL Champions


Girls 34 Division Champions

Girls 56 Division Champions

Girls 78 Division Champions

Boys 3 Division Champions

Boys 4 Division Champions

Boys 5 Division Champions

Boys 6 Division Champions

Boys 7 Division Champions


Boys 8 Division Champions


Girls High School Division Champions
Lady Spartans

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FSBL Crowns High School Division Champions
posted 02/23/2014

Boys 9th & 10th Grade Champions:  Stone Bridge Celtics

Boys 11 & 12th Grade Champions:  Broad Run Bulls

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What are Concussions?
posted 08/30/2013

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Outside of Doing Your Best In the Classroom:
posted 03/11/2013

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FSBL Athletes in Action!
Something to think about while watching your son or daughter play in FSBL games this season:

1.  These are kids.

2.  Basketball is a

3.  Parents should
      cheer for

4.  The referees are
      human and some
      times make

5.  Your child is not a
      athlete playing
      for a million
      dollars ..... yet!

If you disagree with these statements, please contact FSBL Commissioner, Craig Newman:
  commish@fsbl.orgHe'd be happy to explain them to you!
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Parents are required to notify the FSBL Board Of Directors, within forty-eight (48) hours, when their child is suspended or expelled from school. If the BOD is not notified within forty-eight (48) hours of any such suspension/expulsion then upon discovery the child will be expelled from FSBL immediately for the remainder of the current season and the entire next season. 

Wear RecSpecs!
If your son or daughter wears regular eye glasses to see like those pictured below, they are not permitted to be worn in practices or games in the FSBL. Before the season begins, please have your player fitted for a pair of RecSpecs or another brand of prescription sport goggles.

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