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2017 - 2018 FSBL Board Members

The Farmwell Station Basketball League (FSBL) is a Virginia Corporation with 501(c) (3) non-profit status.

The Farmwell Station Basketball League is run by volunteers that serve as Commissioner and a Board of Directors, (aka BOD). The Board of Directors consists of Deputy Commissioners for the Boys and Girls Divisions, Secretary / Treasurer, and a Rules Compliance Coordinator.  In addition, there is a Coordinator for the High School Division.

FSBL has established a conflict of interest policy for those Board Members who provide contracted services (e.g. website,  scheduler, & advertising).  All Board Members must sign the non-disclosure statement.

View our Virginia Exemption Application.

You can contact any of the FSBL Board Members, staff or contractors at the following e-mail addresses.

Board Members:

Craig Newman Leonard Tomlinson Joe Chang Ted Jakubowski Emmanuel Mensah


Acting Treasurer

Middle School Boys Deputy Commissioner Elementary School Boys Deputy Commissioner Girls Deputy Commissioner Rules Compliance Coordinator



Staff & Contractors:



Emmanuel Mensah Gina Lindenfeldar Aubre

High School Coordinator

Marketing Website
& Scheduler