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Who may participate in the League?
FSBL is open to all students in grades 3 - 12 who attend Farmwell Station Middle School, Ashburn Elementary, Discovery Elementary, Dominion Trail Elementary, Steuart Weller Elementary and Broad Run High School (players on Broad Run's interscholastic basketball teams may not participate in FSBL).  In addition, any other children (grades 3 - 12) that reside in these school zones who are home schooled or attend private school may also participate.  Students from other Loudoun County schools (including those players who did not get into the Ashburn Youth Basketball League) may participate in the house league on a space available basis.  Those players who live outside the Farmwell Station Middle School boundaries are not permitted to play on any of the FSMS travel teams.

When does registration, practices, and game begin and end?
FSBL registration opens on August 1st of every year and closes in early October.  House league teams for grades 3-8 are formed at the end of October and practices begin in November.  The regular season usually begins the first weekend of December and runs through the first week of March.  The high school league conducts evaluations and team drafts the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Play takes place between the first week of December and runs through Presidents day weekend in February.  FSBL does not have a spring, summer, or fall league.

How do I contact a board member?
To contact one of the FSBL Board members just click on "Board of Directors" on the left hand menu and scroll down to where you see photos of the board members. Under each photo is the position and the email address they can be contacted at.

What is the value of the registration fee?
Your child will play in at least eleven (11) games and participate in at least thirteen (13) practices.  From the time your child is drafted until the championship game he/she will be involved in the league for approximately eighteen (18) weeks.  $170 divided by 18 = $9.45 a week.  Between practices and games your child is involved at least three (3) hours per week. $9.45 divided by 3 = $3.15 per hour.  This is an absolute bargain at today's prices.


I live on the border between Farmwell and Eagle Ridge.  I attend Eagle Ridge but would like to play in the Farmwell Station Basketball League.  Can I do that?
A player who lives outside of the FSBL boundaries is permitted to play in the House league as long as there is availability for players.  That same player would not be permitted to play on the Farmwell Station Middle School travel teams.

How do I register my player?
Player registrations may be completed online at the secure site used by the league.  The link to the online registration site can be found on the leagues home page.  You must have a valid debit card or credit card to register online. The FSBL will no longer accept paper registrations.  The FSBL will also no longer accept personal checks.

What are the Registration Fees?
$170 for the first player in a family.  A second child from the same household or family costs $155, the third child is $140.  There is no charge for 4th child and subsequent children.  To receive discounts, all players must register at the same time!!

What does the registration fee cover?
The registration fee covers jerseys, referees, basketballs, scorebooks, trophies and other assorted equipment.  Each player is responsible for any additional items such as basketball shoes and shorts.

What type of uniform will my child receive?
Each player will receive a reversible mesh jersey with their last name on the jersey.  All players must wear plain black shorts with no stripes, piping, large logos or writing.  The league makes arrangements with one of our league sponsors, Cheers Sports in Ashburn to have a stock of plain black shorts available for purchase by parents – but parents may elect to purchase plain black shorts from whatever store they wish.

Why does the league require plain black shorts?
Basketball is a team sport and part of being on a team is looking like a team.  The definition of uniform (as listed by Webster’s Dictionary) is below:

1.  identical or consistent
2.  without variations in detail
3.  to make uniform or standard
4.  identifying outfit or style of dress worn by the members of a given organization

Is there financial assistance available?
Please contact the FSBL Commissioner as these types of situations are addressed on a case by cases basis.

If I miss the sign up dates, can my child still play?
There is a physical limit to the number of players we can accept as this is governed by the availability of gym space for practices and games as well as the number of volunteers we have to coach and provide instruction.  Registrations are accepted on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED through our on line registration service.  In addition, all players must be evaluated so that we can attempt to make the teams as balanced in talent as possible.  If you miss the late registration deadline we can not accept your child.

Why does FSBL Charge a late fee?
The league reserves, through Loudoun County Parks and Recreation, the use of the school gyms for practices and games.  This, combined with the need to make the teams as balanced in talent as possible, makes it very difficult to accept late registrations.  To discourage parents from registering their child late we charge a $50 late fee.  Some leagues charge a 100% late fee and other do not accept late registrations at all.  We encourage everyone to register early!

What is the League's refund policy?
FSBL will refund all monies paid when it does not or is unable to assign a player to a team.  Registration fees will be refunded when a player voluntarily withdraws from the league if the League receives a written (electronic) request by the deadline for refund Requests.  All voluntary refund requests will be minus a non-refundable administration fee of $16.  No refunds will be made if a player withdraws from the League after the refund deadline.

When do activities start and finish?
Registration begins on August 1st.  Travel Team Tryouts and House League Evaluations take place from the last weekend of September through mid-October.  Official practices start in November and games generally begin the first Saturday in December.  FSBL has made it a priority to avoid playing house league games over the long 3-day President's Day holiday weekend in February.  To make up for any “lost” weekends due to inclement weather, each team may play one or more games on Sunday afternoons throughout the season.  All players are expected to be available for all games.  We ask all families to consider this when signing up and making any plans that might prevent a player from participating in a game....their absence impacts their whole team!  The season ends in late February and playoffs and All-Star games are conducted in early March.

Why does FSBL conduct evaluations?
House League players (elementary school aged players, middle school aged players and high school aged players) will be evaluated so that we can evenly distribute players based upon basketball skill, athleticism and size.

Does FSBL guarantee each team a practice each week?
FSBL will schedule every team to have at least one practice every week.  However, if the schools close due to inclement weather, we are unable to conduct practices and will not reschedule practices.  There is no guarantee of weekly practices.

Where do practices and games take place?
Mostly at Ashburn-based schools:  Ashburn Elementary, Discovery Elementary, Dominion Trail Elementary, Steuart Weller Elementary, Hillside Elementary School, Farmwell Station Middle School, Trailside Middle School and Broad Run High School.  There are also some practices and games held at public schools located in neighboring Sterling.  “Away” games for our Travel teams take place at other middle schools in Loudoun County.

When do practices and games take place?
House league teams typically have one 90 minute practice session per week.  During weeks where we have known blackouts due to school unavailability practices may be reduced to 60 minutes.  The younger players (Grades 3 and 4) will typically practice from 6:15-7:45 PM and the older players (Grades 5, 6, 7 and 8) will typically practice from 7:45-9:15PM.  High School players typically practice from 9:15-10:30pm.  Thus, if your player is in Grade 5 or higher it is very, very likely that they will practice from 7:45-9:15PM ..... so be prepared.  If this is unacceptable, then it's probably best that your player does not register for the league!

House League games generally take place on Saturday and they can start as early as 8:30am or as late as 7:30pm.  There may be times during the regular season that house league games may take place on Friday night or Sunday afternoons.   The High School division typically plays its games on Sunday afternoons and evenings.  The Travel teams have two 90 minute practice sessions per week.  Travel League games typically take place on Sunday afternoon or early evening.  

I’d like to Coach, but I have never coached before!
The FSBL website has the link for coaches to use to register as a coach.  New coaches are welcome in the FSBL.  NBA coaches had to start somewhere!  This would be a great time to start and a chance to do something positive with children. We will conduct some clinics for our coaches and some of the “veterans” are always willing to help.  The web site also has pointers to some very informative sites.

Must I attend one of the MANDATORY Coaches Clinics if I want to coach?
Yes.  If NBA Hall of Fame Coach Red Auerbach was still alive and wanted to coach in the FSBL, he would also have to attend the mandatory Coaches Clinic!  The information presented at these sessions will make the time invested extremely worthwhile.

Can my child play on his friend's team?
Because the league conducts a draft, we can not guarantee that friends will be picked by the same coach.  Our primary goal is team parity.  If we can honor the request without creating unbalanced teams, we will try to be accommodating.  Your son or daughter is going to make a lot of new friends no matter what team they play for.

My child has other commitments on certain nights of the week but really wants to join the league.  Can something be worked out?
Please note this when you register your player.  Email the appropriate deputy commissioner as well to ensure that this request gets captured.  The FSBL will make every effort to get your child on a team which practices on a night they are available.

My player has commitments on Saturdays that would force him to miss up to half of the games unless his games can be scheduled first thing in the morning.  Can this request be honored?
NO!  When you sign your player up WE EXPECT ALL PLAYERS TO ATTEND EVERY PRACTICE AND EVERY GAME!  Sure, kids get sick, emergencies come up, injuries happen.   That we understand.  But part of what we are trying to teach the players is a sense of commitment, working towards a team goal and putting their team before themselves.  Help them make good decisions and help them keep the commitment they are making!  Don’t sign them up for the FSBL if they aren’t committed to playing basketball.

What is the composition of teams and how are teams made up?
Our divisions are set up by school grades and gender.  In our House League, we have 6 Boys divisions for each grade:  Boys 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8.  We have 3 Girls divisions for Grades 3 & 4, 5 & 6, and 7 & 8.  The High School Divisions are Boys 9 & 10, Boys 11 & 12, and Girls 9 - 12.  The League then conducts player evaluations to facilitate the formation of teams of "roughly" equal playing ability, experience, skill and size so as not to create a "stacked" team.  Coaches typically draft the players that will be on their team.